Recommended Suppliers.

Please find below a list of suppliers i used during the refit and ongoing works on Slamat.

I have only included suppliers who i have had personal contact with.

All the listed suppliers have helped me move the project forward and have proved strength of knowledge in their subject and showed a committed and personal approach to customer satisfaction, over and above any expectation, which has made the whole project a real pleasure for me.

The many Internet suppliers of specific parts and services are not mentioned but i remain grateful for their attention and prompt service.

Refit / Parts

Richardsons Yacht Services

Richardsons Chandlery

Island Harbour marina

Wroath Marine

Medina Sailcare

Mac's Rigging

Ian McCully 07748 118795

Spinnaker Chandlery

YachtMail online Chandlery

Cowes harbour Commission (Shepards Wharf)

Folly Launch
Folly Reach Moorings to Folly Inn.
VHF Channel 72
Tel: 07884 400046

Cactus navigation

SailGrib App






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